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Our Reserve! One of A Kind! When They Are Gone... they are Gone!

These Items May Be Estate Finds, Antique Beauties,  An Museum Find from a collection of items From Around The World and Artists' Works of Art...

We sell Jewelry that holds up to our standards of quality fashion and uniqueness. We buy from suppliers that stand behind their masterpieces so If it needs repair or replacement  or exchange they are ready to help. Serving you for years, we will search for the matching earrings to a pendant or find the long lost ring replacement.  Just ask we are here to find that perfect piece that fits just with you!

Check back on this page often, as items here will change all the time. Find a treasure that you simply have to have. Put it in your cart and check out right away so it is for sure yours.  Until it's paid for it could be someone elses'.  These are items you won't see at the shows.. This is our private stock, our Reserve so to speak . Need a layaway. Just ask we have a wonderful layaway plan. 

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